Failed to start shard

I have a project that uses ElasticSearch for searching and all the goodness that it has. When I test a new technology, I like to break it a few times.  Like adding a bunch of data, hitting the stop button on the service or killing the task in task manager.

So I did this with ElasticSearch, and I received this error message.

failed to recover shard]; nested: ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[No version type match

Everywhere that I read included some details about how the disk filled up, or was low on space.



Simple solution, flush the index. ElasticSearch has an internal and on disk transaction log.  Being used to SQL’s ACID based consistency, you can’t shutdown the service without ill-effects. 8-7-2014 10-58-01 AM


More details on the flush command and how to access it from the API versus the HEAD plugin,



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