Custom Cabinet – Part II

Now the face frame is next. You can use pocket screws everywhere you see a Domino instead. I cut the eight holes for the four Dominos. The Dominos have a specific glue requirements, mainly because they are not like normal biscuits.

First, dump some glue in the hole. The domino cutter cuts a little extra gab at the bottom. Using a Fastcap Glue-Bot, easier than the usual wood glue bottles.


Next, put some glue on the Domino on both sides. Fancy glue brush in all, Bench Dog Silicon Glue Brush, its like $8 but glue never gets stuck on it :).


Dropping glue to the other side. Bad news, this glue will fall out.


Start clamping, the triangle is for alignment and to tell which parts go where. The tiny bit of glue means you used just enough, you should worry when you don’t see any glue.


Final check, run a tape measure to check the diagonals. This lets you know if it is square or not or how off they are. This one turned out to be less than 1/16 out of square thanks to the domino system and I bet the error is all on my using the tape measure.

If it is out of square, run a clamp down the diagonal to squeeze it back to square. Back pipe clamps are useful and cheap for this task.


Next up, putting peg holes in place for the shelf, and attaching the face frames.

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